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When it comes to securing your property, home, valuables, and family members, nothing is more important than making sure you have a highly trained professional locksmith and security professional you can trust. All of us here at North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services have families just like yours that we want to protect and defend against unwanted access and intrusion. That is why we make it our sole mission to stay up to date on the latest and most effective security solutions that have come online and are available for home use.  We pride ourselves on implementing these same lock and security procedures in our own homes and bring these state-of-the-art products direct to you. We provide many residential locksmith services for everything from lock-outs, re-keying existing locks, repairing and replacing locks, key extractions, and complete home lock changeouts and electronic door locks.

Locked Out of Your House?

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Whatever the reason you are in need of a residential locksmith in Jacksonville fl, whether it is due to broken, damaged or broken off keys, lost or stolen keys, keys duplicated by unwanted persons, jammed door locks, keys locked inside the house or broken off in a keyhole, broken or worn hardware or for any reason at all, we are here to help.

North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services is just what the name implies, an emergency locksmith company servicing the needs of consumers who reside in the North Florida area. If you need our immediate service there is no time to waste. Give us a call and we will have your problems resolved in no time. Call us at 904-635-4121

As in all house lock-out situations, the solution needed to get you back in your home varies according to the problem at hand. Sometimes it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Gaining access to a locked door when the keys have been left inside is, of course, the easiest job.  Sometimes it takes more skill and expertise to overcome a broken key lying inside a keyhole or a damaged lock that need repairing or replacing, but whatever it takes, we have the expertise and knowhow to unlock any door, exterior or even interior doors like in bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, windows and much more.

Our Residential Locksmith Services Include:

  • Bumping the locks to gain access without damaging the lock itself

  • Changing or replacing the locks entirely

  • Duplicating keys to gain entry into the dwelling

  • Rekeying the locks entirely

  • Or simply replacing the hardware due to wear or damage

At North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services, we provide uncompromised and unbeatable house lockout services. If you find yourself locked out of your home, apartment or other dwelling and need the assistance of a qualified, affordable locksmith give our expert technicians a call. We are outstanding members of both the Better Business Bureau and the Associated Locksmiths of America that have only 6000 trade association members in the continental United States. We are trained specialists who utilize specialized tools to unlock, repair, replace, rekey and reinstall locks, without causing any damage to your property what so ever.

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Lock Re-Keying Services

If your home or apartment has acquired different keys for different exterior doors, than you are in need of a professional locksmith who can rekey all the locks so you only have to have one master key to unlock all the doors. It is ridiculous to carry more than one key around or to have to determine each time you unlock a door which key is the right one. We specialize in re-keying locks so you have only 1 key to deal with.

If you have acquired a new home or apartment, you probably don’t know who has a key and access to your home and who doesn’t. This is a perfect time and a good idea to re-key all your locks just to make sure no one else has a key but those you intend on possessing one.

If your keys have been lost or stolen, or lost and reclaimed, rekeying your home or business locks is the only safe way to ensure you have control over who has access and who doesn’t. This is a cost-effective solution and much cheaper than replacing stolen articles made by someone gaining access to your dwelling without permission.

North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services specializes in professional lock rekeying services for residential clients throughout North Florida. We can rekey any type of commercial or residential lock from the worlds leading manufacturers. Whether its just a front door rekey on a new or existing home, office or business lock or if you are considering upgrading all of your locks to a Master Key System, we have the knowledge and experience to meet any locksmithing need.

Lock Repair Services

Many times, door locks have been so over used that they become damaged, broken or just plain worn out. Sometimes this causes the lock to improperly operate where keys get jammed or just trying to unlock a door is an overwhelming project. When this happens, it is a good idea to get a professional locksmith’s opinion on whether the lock can be repaired or its time to replace them.

Repairing locks can reduce the risk of further damage occurring to the lock. If a lock that is in need of repair goes unattended this can cause a lock failure and eventually might cause a lockout or other lock problem like not operating at all and leaving a door unable to be locked. A broken or worn out lock can lead to you being locked out of your house, and can even make your home an easy target for burglary.  Interior door locks on bathrooms or basements can also become faulty.

Whether you need lock repairs on external front or back doors, interior doors such as bathrooms or bedrooms, built-in cabinets or safes, you can trust North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services to resolve the problem. Our professionally trained and licensed locksmiths are ready to help at a moment’s notice! We can handle any type of lock, deadbolt locks, lever handle or knob locks, electronic door locks, advanced security locks and more from the world’s leading manufacturers like Yale, Medeco, Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin and many more. Our mobile service trucks are stocked with many replacement parts and products in case of replacements needs.

Lock Replacement Services

After a careful assessment of your locks, it may be necessary and more cost-effective to replace your locks and handles if warranted, due to damaged or extreme use. In any event, North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services offers lock replacement services for any situation. Our mobile locksmith units stock many products and parts from leading manufacturers to replace locks and put back the security shield your family deserves. Our lock replacement service in Jacksonville fl for residential and commercial clients is a large part of our business and lock replacement is necessary for many reasons including:

  • Your locks have become worn out, damaged or rusty due to the elements
  • You struggle to fit the key in and open the lock
  • A key is broken off and has damaged the lock
  • Your keys are duplicated, stole or lost causing you security concerns
  • A previous break-in attempt has caused damage to the locking mechanism
  • You have recently acquired a new home, brick, and mortar structure or office, and access to your premises could be compromised
  • You desire to upgrade your existing locks to electronic smart locks for security concerns

Additional Locksmith Services

  • Need deadbolts installed on your exterior doors, we can handle that for you.
  • We stock, sell, service, custom order and install all types of door hardware.
  • Have or desire a state-of-the-art Restricted Key Systems that does not allow duplication is one of our specialties. These locks only allow the owner/locksmith to get a key duplicated.
  • General lock problems that need an expert to review.
  • Key Extractions are our Specialty.
  • Door peepholes and viewers installed.
  • We offer Partner Company Services like Security Bar Installation.
  • Electronic Keyless Entry Locks for no key entry.
  • Electronic Keyless Entry Locks that can be enabled or disabled remotely using the internet/wireless device. These locking systems have website access to check on doors being locked.
  • We can even childproof your cabinets for young children access.