Hiring an honest locksmith in Jacksonville

In a world gone mad, there are many local companies today servicing home and business owners that prey on situations with less than honest pricing and service offerings. These types of dishonest business practices are usually referred to as the “Bait and Switch” technique and if you have fallen victim to their activity you can attest to the rigorous way, they are both deceptive and expensive. This is a common occurrence in many types of businesses but mostly in limited-skill business models like carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning, and even some cleaning services. Unfortunately, this practice has increasingly crept into the locksmith services business especially when it comes to providing automotive locksmith services in Jacksonville fl. The way this works is that someone is stranded on the side of the road with a broken key, broken lock, locked car, lost key, or factory fob and can’t gain entry into their car and continue on their journey. A local locksmith is then called through one of their contract service providers or found on the internet and a mobile locksmith unit is dispatched to solve the problem. The disreputable company arrives and gives the vehicle owner a price to unlock the car which is disproportionately higher than most locksmith competitors or gives one price for services only to charge a different price upon issuance of the bill. These companies also charge higher than needed prices for key manufacturing, rekeying, and lock repair and/or replacement. Here is what can happen. The vehicle owner is told that there is say a $30 dollar service charge to come out and a $35 dollar charge to unlock the car. When the technician arrives, they make it look like it is much more involved to open the car and that they will have to charge say $100-$150 for the service. If the customer balks at the price given the company still tries to get the customer to pay the $30 dollar charge without even opening the car door. Another favorite tactic is to go ahead and complete the service than inform the customer of the expense and try and get as much out of the vehicle owner as they can. When locks need repairing many of these companies will try and replace the lock at a much higher price than just repairing it. Many locks that seem to be broken can be fixed at say $90 dollars instead of the $300 – $400 dollars these types of companies charge. Non-working electronic key fobs are a favorite of these disreputable companies using cheap foreign fobs instead of manufactured suggested products that will work and last much longer. They also charge prices for these cheap products as if the fob was being issued by a dealership. WOW.

Why Choose North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services

If you have fallen victim to these kinds of deceptive, unlawful, and expensive practices you are not alone. At North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services our technicians are both honest and competent to fix, repair or replace any lock on any type of vehicle for a fair and equitable price consistent with locksmith industry-standard charges. Don’t get caught up in the emotion of the event only to choose the wrong locksmith company and get what we refer to as being ripped off. Chris Tomberlin, owner, and operator is a master locksmith with years of experience providing automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services to all of North Florida and South East Georgia. Give us a call at 904-635-4121 for a fast response and experience the difference a competent, honest, and competitive locksmith service can provide.

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