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At North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services, we offer a full array of commercial locksmithing services at affordable and competitive rates. Our professionally trained and experienced locksmiths are familiar with all types of commercial applications and our fast-dispatched mobile units are on scene at a moment’s notice. We cover the entire North Florida area including Downtown, Southside, Westside, Arlington, Northside, The Beaches, Mandarin, Nocatee, Northern St. Johns County including, Julington Creek and the 210 corridors. Our workshop and mobile locksmith units are equipped with the very latest locksmith technology for all types of commercial locksmith applications including Commercial Door Hardware, Commercial Grade Door Locks, Master Key Systems, Access Control Devices/Keyless Entry Systems, Registered and Restricted Key Systems, Commercial Safes and Locksmith Services for Commercial and Auto Trade Services such as Electricians, Auto Fleet Sales, Auto Transport and much, much more.

You can rest assured when North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services is on the job to get it right the first time. We are a fully licensed and insured commercial locksmith company with full security accreditation and have undergone extensive training to ensure our workmanship and quality is of the finest caliber. Below are some of the most important reason a business might need the services of a qualified locksmith like North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services

Have these issues ever happened in your business, office or on your commercial property?

  • Had recent employee turn-over or termination? It is important to re-key your locks as soon as possible. Today In fact!

  • We have installed thousands of deadbolts to give doors added security protection.

  • We can even install barrel bolts for specific internal needs.

  • Master Key Locks are our specialty so executive personnel only has to deal with one key to access everything, while staff members have an individual key only to their own office or access space as required.

  • We install Latch Guards for protection against intruders jimmying a door open.

  • Restricted Locks will ensure an employee cannot duplicate a business assigned key without you knowing.

  • We also offer High Security Locks which are resistant to drill and picking for extra value protection.

  • We can make business keys you might have lost or misplaced to any of your doors, desks, even paper towel dispensers, office furniture, cabinet etc.

  • For doors that do not close right, we can repair or replace your door closer.

  • We often repair and replace hinges and pivots to correct Sagging Doors.

  • We are trained and licensed to install alarmed devices complying with local fire codes preventing employee theft.

  • Door Scope installation so employees can identify who has approached a back or side door without having to open it.

  • We love installing Access Control Devices or Keyless Entry Locks that operate with a swipe card, keypad or fob. All activity can be archived so you can identify users that are coming and going and at what time these activities took place.

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Commercial Window Locks

In many facilities, businesses employ window locking mechanisms to protect against intrusion and theft. We at North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services specialize in securing your office or business with the very latest commercial lock options that fit into your security plan with window latches and locks.

Deadbolt locks and window locks can be keyed alike so only one or two keys will be necessary for your business property.

Master Key Systems

At North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services, we specialize in Master Key Systems which is a key plan whereby selected keys can open a pre-defined number of doors. This helps maintain much better control over locks, doors and keys and can save key replacement costs because there are a lower number of keys in circulation. It can also provide quick access to all of the locked rooms within the premises. The Master Key Systems are usually broken out into a Master Key that can unlock every door and zones or sub-categories designated as Sub-Masters Keys having specific access that open specific doors. We have supplies, repaired and installed countless Master Key Systems for many different commercial building applications depending on the requirements of the business. Tailored to granting multi-level access and can be designed to be as simple or as complex as required by the needs of the business. A Master Key System can also be offered with the additional security of a registered, restricted key profile.

Restricted Key Systems

If you are in need of a higher level of security than a standard lock and key device provides, then North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services recommends you invest in a what is referred to as a Registered or Restricted Key System. For one reason, they are significantly harder to pick the lock and gain entry and for another the increase in cost is minimal compared to other lock and key security products. Additionally, it takes a personal authorization to cut additional keys and this system can be easily configured into a master key system. There are also different levels of security ratings associated with these systems from inline conventional systems to high security pick and drill resistant cylinders. They can also be installed in any facility and are compatible with all types of commercial doors. So, whether your facility has only a few doors or hundreds of locks, Restricted Key Systems will allow a responsible individual to have complete control over who has keys and access to any areas you choose. 

Commercial Door Hardware

At North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services, we take pride in offering commercial and high-end residential locksmithing services. Commercial grade doors, hardware and locks are designed to a much higher standard for durability than traditional residential door locks, because the application of protecting commercial entities is usually more difficult. The amount of use and traffic present a unique set of problems. Also, there is a wider variety of choices and technologically advanced products to choose from in most cases because of design and architectural considerations. If you are looking for a wide selection of commercial door hardware, we can supply you with advice and choices to meet any need.

Acess Control/Keyless Entry

Access Control Devices have come a long way in recent years due to improved technology and where once there were only expensive products now are affordable alternatives to keys and hardware products. These Keyless Entry solutions utilize inventoried swipe card access to enter and is regulated by restriction, authorization and design. These products really are a first-step-security measure and we at North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services are experienced to repair, install, expand and replace Keyless Entry Access Control devices. Most of the Access Control or Keyless Entry Devices we install are for commercial businesses and office applications. Our access control locks are stand-alone units meaning they do not need to be hardwired by an electrician. In the event of a power outage, the locks will continue to operate as normal. We have a large range of access control locks with many options using a standard key pad or locks that utilize swipe cards or fobs.

Commercial Safes

If your needs require a safe, we can recommend the right safe for the right application.  Commercial Safes vary widely and it is always a good idea to get a professional locksmith’s opinion on which safe is the best option for your exact needs. Protecting assets, cash, documentation, data or securing valuables, while meeting insurance risk specification will largely dictate the type of safe required to provide protection from intrusion. Safes can be accessed by key, keypad, combination or even by electronic locks. Time delay and audit trailing might be required for certain businesses.

Vehicle Trade Services

Automobile-Vans-Buses-Delivery Trucks-Fleet Trucks-Heavy Haulers-Commercial Equipment-Plant Equipment-Service Vehicles-Farm Equipment

At North Florida Emergency Locksmith Services, we specialize in providing locksmith services for all types of mechanical uses involving locks and keys. We are experts at unlocking what has been mistakenly locked. We can manufacture keys for any application. Re-key locks, repair, replace and install locks for every kind of mechanical product. If your business is looking for a fast, reliable and dependable auto locksmith provider we can accommodate your needs. We even have service contracts with many companies that have regular need of a locksmith. Our auto locksmithing services include keys made from locks, keys cut to code, worn keys decoded & cut back to factory specifications, broken off key removal and even locks keyed to sample keys, and much, much more.